our urban utopia

Our Urban utopia started out as a short story but the characters seem determined to have their own say and it seems to be growing and growing. No complaints though, as the girls are keeping me entertained. I will see what they get up to and share what I can with you. The book should be out in early or mid- June 2012.

First do no harm and the Flesh of foes are coming up next. I have found that my writing does not fit neatly into one genre but that is ok. The important bit is I like writing it and you like reading it- or so I hope.

Readers interested in free advance copies of Our Urban Utopia are welcome to drop a mail at cassandradebrown@hotmail.co.uk.  or leave your details in a comment below and I’ll get one across to you.A review will be welcomed in return. This could be at Goodreads, Librarything, Amazon, Smashwords or anyother forum.

Thank you for your interest and support.

Much Love

Cassandra DeBrown



2 thoughts on “our urban utopia

  1. bimayod says:

    Very impressive piece of writing on Our Urban Utopia, I thought it was well thought out and made very interesting reading.

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