Limited time offer – 50% off……

So, the verdict so far has been mostly positive. I’ve gotten some stick for ……… and …….( trying to avoid spoilers here , people, cut me some slack LOL!) but on the whole the response has been positive. Will definately be naming names soon but seriously, thanks for the support and advice. Your comments are being taken on board cos this has left me convinced that there are people out there who get my writing  so I’ll keep doing what I do and hopefully we all will have some fun along the way.

I got a twitter account recently and seriously………. it is addictive. I am trying to keep it under control but oooh. Loving it so far. Cheers to all the Likes on Facebook as well. 🙂

Smashwords is hosting a site wide promotion that allows readers to buy a lot of the hottest summer reads at a discount. Our urban Utopia will be available at half price for a limited time only. Don’t miss out.

Of course you can still get it on Amazon as well. Just follow the link below.

Much love peeps!!


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