Summer’s Almost Over

Every year since I was just a little DeBrown, I’ve always found myself looking forward to August. It’s always been the best month of the year though I no longer get the whole month off like the kids do. :D. It’s warm and sunny and filled with trips to the beach and salt and vinegar drenched chips. And lots and lots of ice cream.
This year I barely had time to notice that August had arrived before the entire month whisked by at alarming speed. Glances at my calendar only make me feel glum. Why? BECAUSE SUMMER IS ALMOST GONE.  And it won’t come back till another year has rolled by.
If you think I’m being melodramatic, try spending winter in Scotland. Or just the West Midlands. You’ll get a clear understanding of why the Ancient Druids worshipped the sun.
There’s just something about sunlight that chases most blues away. And something depressing about dark and gloomy winter days.
The story about Edna, the Heston Witch has morphed into a novella with the promise of a trio of books to follow. I hate it when my characters get pushy but till it’s done I know other WIP’s will have to take the backseat. My apologies.
A shout out to new friends on twitter and goodreads.
Much love people
much love


Thanks for all the love

Hi all,

Haven’t been up to blogging much this week. Some new characters have been fighting for space in my head. The ideas are there , the words are flowing , but my appreciation of how finite the hours in one day are is rising by the day. My new philosophy is to type when I can, jot down notes when I can’t and try to pay attention to my day job in the bits in between. I think I am succeeding more or less as my boss hasn’t called me on it so far. Fingers crossed.

Been feeling the love from the readers over on Smashwords. On Amazon, not so much but it takes all kinds, doesn’t it. Anyway, in  the light of the week I’ve been having I thought I should take a few moments to say thanks to the small but highly exclusive and appreciated C. Debrown Fan club.

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still waiting for your thoughts on the book, What are YOU waiting for?

:D. Seriously,

Thanks guys.

Much Love, Much love