Road Trip Down Memory Lane

Enjoying a rainy day drive with significant others a.k.a my iPod, Kindle and lots of cola.
I find driving to be one of the more innocent of human endeavors that doubles as a pleasure as well as a necessity.Took my time learning to drive, used to joke that I preferred to be driven 😀 but once I got my act together I’d found another thing that I truly enjoy doing and have added it to the ever growing list that has wordplay and writing right at the top.
The playlist for the drive has oldies and a selection of artists like The Script, Take That, Rhianna and Fighting for Girls on it, randomly interspersed with my favorite Yanni tracks.  Creativity is a multifaceted gem and each song is unique and lovely in its own way. Bobbing my head along to the beat and tapping my fingers on the wheel, I am content. My road trip is as close to perfection as it is ever likely to get this side of paradise.
Enjoying the endless stretch of tarmac that fills my vision makes me turn my focus inwards. With a wry smile I start an unscheduled trip down memory lane. It’s a bittersweet ride but there are more laughs than than tears and in the end that’s what really counts.
Still alive ….
I love that song.
Still crafting, writing and editing. Enjoying the creative process, hope you’ll all enjoy the results.
Much love people, much love.


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