The Voice in My Head

The voice in my head….Who am I kidding? Nobody who knows me would agree that there was just one voice in my head. Not that I’m nuts or anything LOL! (Or maybe I am, who’s to say what’s normal when it comes to mental health huh? But that’s a topic for another day).
There are a number of voices that I can hear when I take the time to be still and quiet, as rarely as that might happen.  There’s me, self- critical and analytical as I can be,  there’s the voice of my siblings, full of faith in what I can do and who I can be. My friends and colleagues, yep they are all somewhere in the mix as well as old teachers, mentors and heroes past and present.
Their views,censures and approvals all flit through my head and I find that my daily activities are tinted by their imput in my life.
Nevertheless one voice resonates on a higher frequency than the others and spurs me on past the point when I would normal have thrown in the towel. Always demanding more of me than I knew I had to give. Always holding me accountable to a higher standard of behavior. Never letting me settle or take the easy way out.
It’s hard to silence this particular voice. He doesn’t respond well to promises or procrastination. He’s seen all my tricks and is much smarter than I am. Besides I find I don’t really want to as he brings out the best in me.

Right now he’s on my case to focus and get things done so I guess I should stop writing and start Writing, if you know what I mean :).

Who is the voice in your head? And don’t say you don’t have one. Our little secret ok ;).

Much love friends, much love


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