Cover reveal…da da

This is it.


Thanks to all the wonderful readers and friends out there who took the time to contact me here or on twitter or otherwise to give me a few pointers. Your input and support was well appreciated.

Will be visiting two blogs in November 2012 for short author interview-like features and I hope you’ll all join me there as a thank you to my most gracious hosts. There might be an extract or two available there … and maybe a giveaway as well.

A wise woman once told me sone years ago that most things in life are like buses – none when you want one but then two come along at the same time.

Profoundly true and also makes me think she had more than a passing acquaintance with TFL’S 107 BUS route. As in seriously! Very very seriously, the 107 bus route needs a touch or two (or twenty five). And it gets worse in winter. Thankfully, I no longer have to catch this bus to get to work but I sometimes miss the other frustrated looking people who will undoubtedly be late for work as well since the previous bus inexplicably decided to make a u -turn at Stirling Corner.
I’m ranting aren’t I. I’ll stop there and fume in private over nostalgic memories of the 107 8-). To be fair it did give me extra reading time on the way to Barnet Station.

Much love people, much love


My Graphical Comedy of Errors

alternate cover 2I ‘ve been having a little bit of an issue with getting the book cover for my latest project in order. As I started preparations for a guest post and author interview I was scheduled for later this month (details to follow) I suddenly realised that oops, no cover …….none at all.

Let me explain…

Fiery gemstones is a Heston Witch Novella(YA Series) and if you haven’t been introduced to the clan, do take a peek at the short story on Writing Shorts ( Edna was the one who introduced me to the family so to speak. It wasn’t the next up on my list of projects seeing as I have three other Works in Progress that are, well still in progress, but when the Hestons became the last thought I
have at night and the first thought in the morning, I realised that I’d get no
peace till it was done. Tentatively, the release date is  set for November but hmm, well, let’s just say we’ll see.

I had a picture in my head about what I wanted but after browsing images for about five hours looking for the miracle of having my mental image expressed visually
online, I finally threw in the towel and went back to the basics. Settled on some stock images from their collection is pretty awesome.

Maybe I’ll get the award winning cover photo for my next book but I won’t hold my breath.Anyway, with a little imput from my favorite Graphics Assistant, I came up with two tentative covers. They’re my first pick but nothing is set in stone.

Thought I’d share so here they are in all their generic and boring glory. If you can spare the time , do tell me what you think either here or on twitter (@CassandraDeBrow). If it provokes a “What the hell is she thinking response,” please do tell me in a hurry so necesary changes can be made.LOL! I’m adaptible ;).

Fiery gemstones?

Meanwhile, the Heston clan are being their usual pushy selves, encroaching on my personal time and throwing me curve balls that make me say ooh while cooking or in the bathroom. Wish I could get used to them but for now I will settle for getting all they have to say down in a readable format. I am enjoying the ride… hope you’ll love the finished product as much as I already do.

This so was not how I imagined spending my Sunday when I got up this morning.

Much Love People, much Love,Cassandra DeBrown.

That’s Life…

If you were tasked to define your life in three short sentences, I wonder what criteria would first spring to mind.
Would you define yourself with regard to your financial status? Your marital / relationship status? Or would you go with your gender? Your age? Perhaps your profession?
Forget what you see on social media profiles because BEING a human being is a much more complex, much more …intense experience than can be put into a few phrases or paragraphs.
For instance, two people of the same gender in living in roughly the neighborhood might like a song that plays on their local radio for two totally different reasons. One might like the beat, the other might like it cos it brings to mind a fun day out.
IMHO we are defined as individuals in any number of ways depending on the context in which we choose to define ourselves at that particular moment in time. Or we could always decide to ignore labels and classifications and just keep it simple : I am a Human Being and as the old saying goes
I’m simply an ‘exquisite contraption that has the ability to turn the finest red wine into urine ‘.
(Can’t for the life of me remember where I read that, have vague memories of a pathology text I think. If you know pls do let me know.
Enjoying my humanity at the moment
Much Love people

The Making of Books, The Writing of Words.

It’s no easy task to write a book and I am not even talking about good books. Just stringing along enough words to make a sizeable tome to throw at the dog. Or not throw as most folk might be a little averse to the idea of throwing their e-readers about.
Like with most human pursuits, some days are easier than others. The ideas are crisp and fresh and finding the right phrase to express oneself just flows like pure undiluted magic. On those days it’s a real pleasure to write. It isn’t a task, it’s a joy.
Then there are those days that every writer dreads. When completing a single sentence is like pulling teeth and you find yourself staring for hours at blank pages.
Dispirited and uninspired, it takes a while for the creative juices to start flowing again.
Happily, for me, there is always a way out of the doldrums. My strategy is simple: RELAX AND RECHARGE. A nice movie (probably an oldie, anything with Johnny Depp will do) or rereading one of my favorites will work wonders. Then,hmm, who can say what I will write next? The adventure continues…
Much Love My Friends, Much Love.