The Making of Books, The Writing of Words.

It’s no easy task to write a book and I am not even talking about good books. Just stringing along enough words to make a sizeable tome to throw at the dog. Or not throw as most folk might be a little averse to the idea of throwing their e-readers about.
Like with most human pursuits, some days are easier than others. The ideas are crisp and fresh and finding the right phrase to express oneself just flows like pure undiluted magic. On those days it’s a real pleasure to write. It isn’t a task, it’s a joy.
Then there are those days that every writer dreads. When completing a single sentence is like pulling teeth and you find yourself staring for hours at blank pages.
Dispirited and uninspired, it takes a while for the creative juices to start flowing again.
Happily, for me, there is always a way out of the doldrums. My strategy is simple: RELAX AND RECHARGE. A nice movie (probably an oldie, anything with Johnny Depp will do) or rereading one of my favorites will work wonders. Then,hmm, who can say what I will write next? The adventure continues…
Much Love My Friends, Much Love.


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