That’s Life…

If you were tasked to define your life in three short sentences, I wonder what criteria would first spring to mind.
Would you define yourself with regard to your financial status? Your marital / relationship status? Or would you go with your gender? Your age? Perhaps your profession?
Forget what you see on social media profiles because BEING a human being is a much more complex, much more …intense experience than can be put into a few phrases or paragraphs.
For instance, two people of the same gender in living in roughly the neighborhood might like a song that plays on their local radio for two totally different reasons. One might like the beat, the other might like it cos it brings to mind a fun day out.
IMHO we are defined as individuals in any number of ways depending on the context in which we choose to define ourselves at that particular moment in time. Or we could always decide to ignore labels and classifications and just keep it simple : I am a Human Being and as the old saying goes
I’m simply an ‘exquisite contraption that has the ability to turn the finest red wine into urine ‘.
(Can’t for the life of me remember where I read that, have vague memories of a pathology text I think. If you know pls do let me know.
Enjoying my humanity at the moment
Much Love people


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