It’s a Simple Matter of Words.

Came across a news article this week about a poetry competition where the winner was found to have borrowed a large chunk of his winning submission from someone else.
Several things caught my interest while I was burrowing deeper into the tale of literary intrigue and theft of words.
Firstly the age of the person involved and the lameness of the excuses he offered for his behavior. I would think that an adult of over thirty years of age would have a well rounded perception of what constitutes a “mistake” or a “misunderstanding”.

The other thing was the response of people whose work had been stolen. I’ve never been plagarised to my knowledge but I can only imagine what it might feel like.
‘They’re just words’ some people might say but writing is a form of creation and can be a very intense, personal and sometimes painful process. Words come from a place deep inside and often when all else has been taken from us, words are all we have left.
To have something you gave birth to stolen and changed… nah, I can’t imagine that’s a good feeling at all.
One of the affected poets wrote an open letter which you can see on her blog by following the link below.

I loved the words she used.




I wished I could find a way to make them rhyme with disgusted and annoyed but hey, I’m no poet =). Perhaps if the unfortunate perpetrator of this verbal robbery had admitted his lack of poetic skills upfront, all this furor might have been avoided.


Cassandra DeBrown saying Thanks

When you have been blessed with the help and support of lovely people as much as I have in the past year, saying thank you comes easy. In fact if I don’t keep a lid on it that’s all I’ll be saying, all day, everyday.

Still some things need to be said. Here goes…
A big thank you to all my ARC readers who helped keep me buzzing and on track. Your enthusiasm was inspiring, your eye for detail much appreciated.
A roll call thanks and shoutouts to all the people who left reviews for me on Amazon, Smashwords, Goodreads and Library Thing. Unpaid for I might add though Amazon saw fit to take a couple of them down( the less said about that the better =( I think). Thankfully the ones on Smashwords are still there – You can see them at

Cheers Liza, Sharon, RennyRoo, Crystal, Bella,  Micheala, Emeka, Scott, David, Theresa Dawn.
To the wonderful blog hosts I have had the privilege of working with, the supportive family of the World Literary Cafe, the NNBook club on Twitter and a host of others, I must say I am humbled by your activities and truly truly grateful. I especially want to thank Lauren and Victoria. You guys should totally check out their blogs – they are quite something.
Saving the best for last, my family and friends who have been outstandingly supportive and encouraging. I love you loads. I really do <3.
Alright then.
That’s all she wrote.


2013:What lies ahead?New features for the blog

A couple of days ago we were all ringing in the new year with fireworks, kisses, wine and friends ===> or at least I was. I trust everyone had a lovely time as well. Even though there were no monumental events or changes in life as we know it, time has moved on. Less than two weeks have past but already the year past is fast becoming just a memory.

In other words, the year 2012 is over and done with. The year 2013 is already off to a great start and so far holds the promise so many possibilities and new responsibilities. Let’s hope things will only get better.

In line with the optimism of the new year I’ve decided to add more pizzazz to this here blog and I hope you all come along for the ride.

First and foremost i hope to post more often and more regularly this year but no promises. Between my day job, writing, social life and social media, some days I barely have time to think. But I like it that way so , yeah, not like that will be changing anytime soon so I will just have to do better.

Secondly, I have added a Wednesday book quote to the weekly Friday book quotes i have going on twitter but with a twist. Inspired by the World Literary Cafe and other legendary Indie Author networks, I’ve decided to open this feature to other writers, readers, bloggers and agents. If you would like to share quotes from your favourite books, just tweet me with the hashtag #WedBookQuote and I promise to retweet. I think this will help raise exposure for lots of great books that are out there just waiting to be discovered.

The Writing Shorts  section of this blog is still open to writers who want to share snippets of their work with appreciative audiences from all around the blog.

Finally for now, I hope to hold three Fiction Fests this year, and the first one will be coming up in February. This is mainly a FREE PROMOTIONAL activity so if you have a book release coming up in or around February 2013 and would like it featured here just get in touch by leaving a comment down there or by sending me a DM on Twitter where my handle is @CassandraDeBrow. For now will only be promoting books that are available in digital format. Your book does not have to be free at the time of the promotion and you don’t need to have a giveaway either but it might help ( just saying ;). Did  I mention that it is totally free?? What are you waiting for?

Ok That’s it for now.

Much love and kind regards


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