Cassandra DeBrown saying Thanks

When you have been blessed with the help and support of lovely people as much as I have in the past year, saying thank you comes easy. In fact if I don’t keep a lid on it that’s all I’ll be saying, all day, everyday.

Still some things need to be said. Here goes…
A big thank you to all my ARC readers who helped keep me buzzing and on track. Your enthusiasm was inspiring, your eye for detail much appreciated.
A roll call thanks and shoutouts to all the people who left reviews for me on Amazon, Smashwords, Goodreads and Library Thing. Unpaid for I might add though Amazon saw fit to take a couple of them down( the less said about that the better =( I think). Thankfully the ones on Smashwords are still there – You can see them at

Cheers Liza, Sharon, RennyRoo, Crystal, Bella,  Micheala, Emeka, Scott, David, Theresa Dawn.
To the wonderful blog hosts I have had the privilege of working with, the supportive family of the World Literary Cafe, the NNBook club on Twitter and a host of others, I must say I am humbled by your activities and truly truly grateful. I especially want to thank Lauren and Victoria. You guys should totally check out their blogs – they are quite something.
Saving the best for last, my family and friends who have been outstandingly supportive and encouraging. I love you loads. I really do <3.
Alright then.
That’s all she wrote.



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