I’ve got characters on the brain, but in a good way.

Ever read a story and then find out that the people in the tale stay with you long after you reach the end? I do, all the time. Forget plot lines and scenic descriptions. It’s the Characters that make the stories worth reading. That keep me stuck in the pages till the very end. And the interplay between characters is what leaves readers like me wanting more.

So April’s my month for paying homage to the characters that make the stories click. Some of them will be the main protagonists; others will be from the supporting cast. All of them will be awesome, that much I can promise. To get these wondrous figments of other people’s imagination on the blog, for my entertainment and yours, I cried …and… and I begged  and I said … just kidding.

This feature presentation comes courtesy of the goodwill and cool natures of the authors and is completely free of charge. So come and meet come really interesting people…too bad they’re fictional … Or maybe that’s part of their charm.

Enjoy, Cassandra.



  1. coyotero2112 says:

    Like your idea here. Kelly Link often provides her characters with a physical ailment, one most people can relate to…such as a toothache. It sure makes the characters stick through empathy. Kurt Vonnegut’s main piece of advice was make the character want something really bad right from page one…even if it’s a glass of water. Couple of strategies I’ve liberated for my own purposes.

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