Smile, Though your heart is Breaking…

And so it begins…

I thought I’d take it easy and lounge away the first couple of weeks in May. Then I found myself blinking twice when I checked my calendar and found out that half the month had flown away. *£%$%&…. Pardon my French..

What a dreamer I am. Sometimes it seems as if time is slipping away faster than the grains of sand would drain through an hourglass. Other times it’s like I’m moving in slow motion and everyone else is dashing off at high-speed velocity. Huh. Relativity at work I guess. Einstein was on to something that’s for sure.

Sit with a hot stove for ten minutes and it seems like an hour…

Sit with a hot chick for an hour and it seems like ten minutes…

ALBERT EINSTEIN. I do not own this image or its copyright.

Image source


The guy was smart, no doubt about it. In some of his photos he appears to be laughing as if he was in on a good joke and only he knew the punch line. Figures.

Still, no matter what you’re doing, it makes sense to find a reason to smile … No matter how seriously we take life, we’ll none of us be able to change the future anyway.

Like the old song says

You’ll find that life goes more smoothly by

If you’ll just smile…

Meanwhile, while I’m not exactly thesaurus surfing today, I have been doodling (only a little, I’m at work) little pictures that depict the different words that conjure up the image of an expression of mirth .

(See what I mean?)

Here are a couple of my favourites but without the doodles.


 smirk                                                                             snort

laugh                                                      guffaw


Grin                                                  beam                                                       titter

I’ve been told I’m a giggler, but I do snort and snigger  on occasion as well.

Hope y’all are having a happy day.

Much love people, much love.




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