Welcome to my WordPress home. Here you’ll find me ranting or muttering or generally just musing in written form about the ups and downs of life in general and my writing life in particular.

There will be periods of inactivity and for this I apologise in advance as well as for those times when it will seem like it is impossible to shut me up LOL.

Check me out on Twitter where my handle is @CassandraDeBrow, or let’s set a date to get to meet up on Shelfari, Goodreads or LibraryThing.

Drop a comment if you will, that will surely put a Cheshire like grin on my face.

Authors looking to be featured on writing shorts or during Fiction Fests, drop me a mail at cassandra debrown at hotmail dot co dot uk  or a DM on twitter.

My review policy is strictly biased….. I only review books that make me go “YES!”or “HELL NO!!” the others I just say “MEH”and save my time and effort. To be fair, I do believe no review is better than a bad one. ( Am I Right??)

Nice meeting you all and hope you’ll come around again soon.

Much love,



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