April: Characters Basking in the Spotlight…

And so it begins…

Firstly, a huge, I mean a really really big Shout out and thanks to the lovely authors who agreed to feature their work here. You guys are great. Your work is an inspiration and I love your characters, hence the request to feature them here.

Secondly, a hug to my blog followers and readers. You all are totally awesome. I know I take unscheduled time off now and again but trust me it is for a really good reason. Erhem… yeah, you know….  I’d promise things would be different but who am I kidding. More likely my procrastination skills will only get better with age. Anyway, thanks for still being there when I get back from playing hooky.

OK. Now I have a stellar cast lined up for you. Over the next two to three weeks we’ll be chatting up witches, pirates, hotel executives, and a whole lot more.  Some of the questions will be similar. However, I can assure you that the responses, like the characters will be anything but. The human gift for imagination is an unparalleled gift so come with me as we sit, stroll, dine with and explore, the wonderful people that can only exist in the minds of writers and readers around the world.

And if you do have a nice time with our characters, then please do take the time to find the written worlds and universes  they call home- the books from whence they came. You’ll be glad you did.

Much Love People,




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