A quick drop in from Ari Harper’s Bones from the Witchling

The cursor on my page kept blinking at me. I’d been staring at a blank Word document for the past couple of minutes. What to say and how to say it? Those two questions were blinking like neon lights behind my eyes. Typing with just one hand (my left, never mind that I’m right-handed), isn’t helping matters either.


Suddenly, I heard Take That’s The Flood playing softly. My phone was ringing… hurray …NOT! With a massive scowl on my face for the caller who’d interrupted my unproductive ….whatever I was not doing, I picked up my mobile and snapped out  a cursory greeting, determined to let the disruptive person that I was creating  and they were interfering with the birth of a masterpiece.

My attitude changed soon enough and I was feeling rather perky and chuffed just a few minutes later. An elusive subject I’d been hoping to feature in my April Character Spotlight had just called to confirm. He’d be here any minute now.

With a quiet laugh I headed for the fridge to grab myself a cool drink. I turned back and walked straight into my guest. He’d literally just appeared out of nowhere.

ann witch book

“He…hello.” I stammered.

“Hello, you must be the young lady who was so eager to talk to me. Alas, when I said I only had a couple of minutes to spare, I meant that quite literally, so no chitchat, just give it to me straight so I can be on my way.”

“Well, when you put it like that,” I answered, a little peeved with his attitude. After all, I was the one who had creative juices being wasted. Er..hem… right.

I stalked over to my workstation and gestured for him to take a seat on the only other available piece of furniture, my bean bag. He raised an eyebrow and told me he’d prefer to stand. I shook my head. This was shaping up nicely, wasn’t it?

“I appreciate your getting here so soon after our phone conversation. Your dropping in so to speak was quite amazing I must say. Apart from your magic, do you have any other hidden talents?”

“That would be telling wouldn’t it and I never share everything. Not a wise move.”

“Do you believe in ghosts?”

“I have to believe. I am a God after all and ghosts are just one of the many paranormal entities that share our worlds.”

Huh. A God. That explained a lot. Still he could do with a chill pill. His attitude was stressing me out. Looking over at him, I asked, “Where’s your go-to place when you are stressed?”

“The workroom at the top of the castle. From there I can see over the gardens right out to the forest.”

Something in his voice led me to believe that the castle and the forest were two of his favourite places in the world.

“What’s your favourite shade of green?”

“Dark green to blend in with the surrounding forest.”

“Apples or pears? Which do you prefer and why?”

“Apples, crunchy and crisp and so many different types.”

A man of few words, I could see. Still, there was something there. I cocked my head to the side as I asked him my next question.
“Everyone has their dreams of a HEA. What three things would you consider to be essential components of yours?”

“Nera obviously, breaking this damned curse would be nice and I would like to see peace in your world. Less battles for me to sort out at the end of the day. Yes, that would do nicely I think.”

“Speaking about Nera, what do you honestly think about her chances?”

Her chances of breaking the curse? Pftt, if she could put her mind to it no problem but the way she is spending more time doing her ‘teenage’ things is less time she is putting into training. I’m not happy about that. Not happy at all.

I could see he wasn’t happy about a lot of things and rather than waste his time with idle chit chat I hurried on to the next question.

“What would you say was the life defining moment in your life?”

“The moment Nera was born. I had been waiting for her forever it seemed.”

If everyone you knew was on a burning bridge and you could save just one person, who would it be and why?”

I would have to save Nera, after all she is the reason I am here, is it not?

I was sensing a bit of a theme here. Somebody was all about Nera, wasn’t he? He just stood there smirking at me as if he knew I wasn’t happy with his one line answers. Hmm. Two could play that game.

“Would you consider yourself a cat person or a dog person?”

Dog definitely. You’ve met Hugo I believe.

ann witch book

Come to think of it, I had met Hugo. And he did not just roll his eyes at me, did he?

“Yoghurt or Ice cream?”

“Yoghurt. Pfft…. Young lady I am out of here.”

I blinked and he had gone the way he appeared, without a sound. I guess he’d run out of patience.  I turned back to my computer and started typing again. With both hands this time…

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ari harper

Actually, you should actually talk to this lady http://annbharrison.com/ Ann B Harrison.

The Witchling is available from amazon and it is currently on my to read list so no quotes yet… looking forward to it. 🙂



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