February Fiction Fest……Drumroll Please :)

Cassandra DeBrown’s February Fiction Fest 2013

Hi all,

So my fiction fest got off to a lame start but it is hobbling along. The response from my fellow authors and friends has been underwhelming to say the least. Perhaps things will pick up for the August one.  Perhaps they won’t. Who could say? The only thing I am sure of is that I won’t throw in the towel.

Being a bit stuck for books to feature, I thought about listing the more engaging of the reads I already had on my kindle but that smacked of laziness so I did the next best thing and trolled through the lists at Amazon to find books that piqued my interest and that I would like to feature. This I did without much rhyme or reason. The only thing I did was to make sure that the books were new releases i.e. just out in February 2013. I also tried not to be too discriminating but I must say I preferentially went for the less well-known titles/authors.

Anyway, here they are, the few lovely titles I went with….

All copyright privileges of the authors and their publishers are respected. Most of the buy links are for Amazon.co.uk but I’m sure you can find them on your country’s site.

Hope you enjoy.




This was the first one. I saw the blurb, thought to myself, yes, that’s just what I need. A good short and sweet one to wet my palate and get the juices running. It ticked all the boxes on that level. It was a little gem of skilful and intriguing writing. I think it played well to all my expectations. I knew that things were going to end badly and they did. I knew that certain people were too good to be true and they were. This is not to say that the story was predictable because it wasn’t.

I really liked it and I think this is a good read for your daily commute. Smelly armpits won’t detract from the blood and mayhem I promise. ****  Short.


Published 01/02/13


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