February Fiction Fest Book 3.5

Chasing Sam: Vegas Mates Book One by Krystal Shannan. Published 03/02/13
The Fiction Fest continues. I’m enjoying mixing genres and different types of books. I hadn’t really noticed, (being the kind of book addict that I am) but it seems I like Fantasy / Paranormal reads the most. Not necessarily the mushy ones either.
I snuck in a read of James A Hetley’s Dragon’s Teeth yesterday and while its publication date disqualifies it from being featured in my fiction fest, I quite enjoyed reading the blend of witchcraft, dark magic and thievery that he cooked up. It’s a book I’d recommend willingly.
Nevertheless, the next book on my FFF list is a short paranormal romance called Chasing Sam, written by Krystal Shannan.
It’s no literary masterpiece and the author makes no pretensious attempts at convincing us that it is.
What it is, is lighthearted, light and an enjoyable read about the endless conflicts that can come between a girl and her family when choosing her mate. For Sam, it’s a little bit more complicated that the normal ‘meet the parents’ drama as one -she’s a wolf, two – her ( have already selected three potential mates and three-the Wolf she likes isn’t one of them. The tale has shades of Romeo and Juliet’s starcrossed love but with a HEA.
Liked it, *** .
Buy Chasing Sam on Amazon.co.uk
Buy Chasing Sam on Amazon.com


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