February Fiction Fest

Getting lost in a book is pretty much the norm for me. Unless I’m actively working  at work or driving, or cooking or sleeping. My kindle is always close at hand and print books never far away either. There is just something about the written word…

I like quotes as well. As a student, my favorite textbooks were the ones with quotes and stories alongside all the jargon I was supposed to fit into the cavity between my ears. Nine years post grad and I am amazed at how much stuff I still retain, some of them directly related to the quotes.

Join me on twitter on Wednesdays and Fridays when I like to share a quote from one of my favorite books – a line or two from a loved character, a description or catchphrase. If you have one to share, I’d love to hear from you.

Moving on to the business of the day….

The second book  I am glad to feature in My February Fiction Fest is ….


Though the book is set in Thailand Bangkok rules were never mentioned in the book ( or did I miss it?)The Beirut rules however were words to live by… or die by as the case was. I skipped one of the books on my list to get to this one and though the introductory chapters had a rather slow paced narrative feel to them, I found myself falling into the story and being lulled into page turning by the writer’s prose. The CIA, serial killers and military coups only made things more intriguing.

Then things started getting interesting and I was glad I had time to spend between the pages of this book. The main characters are believable, sometimes abrasive and unlikeable but very entertaining. The writing is honest, bordering on the very edge of political correctness in some places and might be offensive to some so be warned. It’s not for everyone. However, I can say that Bangkok rules won’t be sent to my kindle archives any time soon.

A solid three stars from me , edging towards a 3.5.

It’s available to buy on Amazon



Published 4/02/13


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