The Final Roundup

February flew by so fast. I almost got whiplash watching the days go by. Ok, I’m exaggerating but you get the idea.
We’ll see how the rest of the year meets up but for now, it’s been my best month for a long time.

Travel, Books, Shopping and lots of girl time and Me time and Work and Writing and Real life Drama –   all combined to keep me psyched and happy. And pleasantly exhausted =).
Books 4 and 5 of my February Fiction Fest both have a main character called Hale but that, apart from them both being released in February 2013 is as far as the similarities go.

#04 Febuary Fiction Fest book was Ally Carter’s new Heist Society Book :Perfect Scoundrels.
Imagine a blend of The Italian Job and the Ocean’s Eleven, Twelve and Whatnot and you’ve got an idea of the plot… With a little bit of the Thomas Crown Affair.
W.W Hale the Fifth is a young man who owns the world. Or most of it. Yet his best friend and girlfriend is a con artist and thief. When Hale is made the mark of an elegant scam at the heart of all he holds dear, it’s time to find a way to steal from the thieves and set things straight.
It was a sweet read, intended for younger readers but quite a nice read for me as well(Child at Heart). A solid 3.5 from me. Would have given a four, but…. nah! That would be pushing it.

Buy Heist Society Pefect Scoundrels on Amazon UK

Buy Heist Society :Perfect Scoundrels on Amazon. Com


Joe Duci’s Broken Quill was just …Amazing. I got lost in the words and worlds created. A Fantasy tale that didn’t shy away from gore and blood yet still had lots of monsters and magic as well. But not enough rum. Mr Hale is an exiled Knight enjoying the alcoholic pleasures of earth and healing from the past while he runs his bookstore and generally minds his own. When a gruesome murder occurs and he is left a note in blood and entrails at the scene , well, let’s just say things get a bit more exciting from then on.
I enjoyed it (you can tell can’t you?) And it gets a 4**** rating from be which is quite an endorsement. It’s well written and engaging and I’m looking forward to the next installment.
Broken Quill on Amazon UK

Buy Broken Quill on

Ok Folks, that’s all she wrote.
FEBRUARY FICTION FEST 2013 is officially OVER!
Thanks to the authors and publishers whose work I featured here. Reading your work was a pleasure I had to share.
Much love people,
Much love,


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