A Place Called Home.

I went back my childhood roots this week. Spent some time hooking up with my sister and went around to my mum’s old place. It wasn’t the same. Mum’s been gone going on four years now and while a lot of things reminded me of her at her old stomping grounds, time has definitely moved on. The walls have been painted, the curtains have been changed. Even the garden is no longer the same.  It made me a little sad I must confess. I remembered a rhyme from my pre-school days.

What makes a home,

Is not that wall that runs between kitchen and store,

What makes a home,

is a sweet mum,

and loving dad,

living with me,

and my sisters,

and brothers.

  I think what bugged me the most was the realisation that  now that the folks are gone, our home isn’t still our home, if you get my meaning. My siblings and I all left home ages ago, busy with our own lives. Now our house  seems like just a shell of a once happy place where I lost my milk teeth and bought my first pair of jeans. Oh and buried our first pet, our dog Lucky.  Though  it served as the backdrop for many of my happy memories from yester year, I found myself wanting to sing to the house “Now you are just somewhere that I used to live… a place I used to know.”

Getting back to my place I was glad to be… home? Yes, home, in my own space with my own stuff and my own collection of music, art and all of life’s essentials. It’s my little nest and I enjoy staying there. Home then, I think it safe to call it. Home.

Our character spotlight continues and more fun is on the way so excuse my nostalgic self and check out the guys visiting with us this week.

Much Love people, Much Love.



Cover reveal…da da

This is it.


Thanks to all the wonderful readers and friends out there who took the time to contact me here or on twitter or otherwise to give me a few pointers. Your input and support was well appreciated.

Will be visiting two blogs in November 2012 for short author interview-like features and I hope you’ll all join me there as a thank you to my most gracious hosts. There might be an extract or two available there … and maybe a giveaway as well.

A wise woman once told me sone years ago that most things in life are like buses – none when you want one but then two come along at the same time.

Profoundly true and also makes me think she had more than a passing acquaintance with TFL’S 107 BUS route. As in seriously! Very very seriously, the 107 bus route needs a touch or two (or twenty five). And it gets worse in winter. Thankfully, I no longer have to catch this bus to get to work but I sometimes miss the other frustrated looking people who will undoubtedly be late for work as well since the previous bus inexplicably decided to make a u -turn at Stirling Corner.
I’m ranting aren’t I. I’ll stop there and fume in private over nostalgic memories of the 107 8-). To be fair it did give me extra reading time on the way to Barnet Station.

Much love people, much love